Specialist Engineering Surveyors in Essex & London

Experts in the planning, design and construction of public and private infrastructures. 

Setting Out

From setting out the footprints of builds to providing the details of the column and the beam positions of steel framed structure, we can help.

Site Engineering

Technical and organizational support for all and every infrastructure development. Trust our engineering surveyors to deliver.

Topographical Survey

Ensure you have all the information you need for planning and building. Allow us to record the coordinates and height data of your proposed site.

Engineering Surveys & Support

Measuring and monitoring the land and producing plans and control points to ensure you’ve considered all elements during the planning stages.

The Expert Advice Needed
for your Project

Geodata Engineering Ltd is one of Southend-on-Sea’s leading land and engineering survey companies, and you could discover why. With a wealth of experience in the industry, acquired over two decades of service, we have a range of solutions to help you succeed. We take pride in our level of knowledge in the area, allowing us to handle the latest innovations in surveying equipment and encouraging our ability to convert complex data into comprehensible accurate site survey reports that assist you in the planning and design of your structure.

Providing expert advice for your development, our experts can act as the technical bond on any given project. We work with architects, subcontractors and operatives towards achieving management goals and programmes. In the process, we also deal with all documentation related to quality assurance, to promote the very best outcome for every task. Simply contact our engineering surveyors to learn more. 

Structural Inspection & Reports

Structural Design &


Our Services

Setting Out

Setting out is crucial for any successful development. This process sees Geodata Engineering Ltd take accurate information from designs and drawings to create control markers that ensure works are carried out at the correct positioning and levels, promoting effectiveness. Get your project off to the best start by choosing our expert, time-served team to take care of setting out tasks for you.

Locations We Serve

Although we’re based in Southend-on-Sea, and primarily work with domestic and commercial clients across Essex and East London, we’re happy to travel outside our standard service areas to accommodate your needs. Should your site be based in an alternative location in the UK, we can discuss travel and mileage arrangements and ensure you don’t miss out on all that our firm has to bring to your project.